An educator environment designed to stimulate curiosity, create learning conditions and develop different skills

Located in Cotia, about 40 km from the state capital, Sidarta has a total area of 42,000 m², with an ample open space. The architectural design, in line with pedagogical aspects, includes spacious classrooms, with access to outdoor areas and natural light. We also have multimedia classrooms, science labs, art studio, four sports courts, an indoor court, a sand court and a soccer field, a cafeteria and two libraries, with more than 23,000 titles in Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, English and Spanish.

All you need to know about the study program, extracurricular activities, workshops, sports, food, transport and uniform.

A moment offered to support independent studies and develop activities for the advancement of learning.During this period, students can answer questions, review contents or move onto new materials, in the company of teachers, known as monitors, each of whom is specialized in different subjects, according to students’ interest and needs. Professionals also stimulate learning cores of students who wish to apply the flexible report card, and for the high school students they meet specific demands of their career choices by conducting a study focused on the specific selection process for entry into higher education. 

Athletics and Activities
After students’ regular schedule, they are offered we offered a range of cultural and sports activities,  in partnership with a qualified team of specialist teachers. These activities are optional and require previous registration depending on time and availability. Students’ enrollment  is held every six months after the disclosure of the activities being offered

In partnership with a catering company that specializes in school catering and under the supervision of a team of nutritionists, we offer our students healthy and balanced meals. The menu is available weekly on our website for consultation.

Families are responsible for students’ daily commute. The school is partnered up with companies providing this type of service in the region, though.

Kindergarten, primary and secondary school students wear uniforms designed and made available to them in different designs and colors. For high school students the use