Since 1998 teaching for life

Founded 20 years ago, Sidarta was born with the dream of a new educational philosophy for the country. Its name means “the one who seeks for knowledge and attains his goals”, and it refers to Gautama Siddhartha, a prince who gave up his life full of luxuries for the quest of finding answers while tracing his path and building his own knowledge. To us, it represents the pursuit of one´s own growth and improvement and intends to express our belief about the essence of education. We believe that there exists a middle ground that permeates all aspects, competences and skills to raise a complete and prepared for life human being. Our education commitment aims at encouraging knowledge and strengthening existence.

The teaching of foreign languages, such as Mandarin, English and Spanish is an ally in the development of students, who study full time in a place projected and understood as an educational environment, and as an example of the best practices in the top ranked educational institutions of the world. We value learning through life experiences, always looking for diversity respect, stimulating social work as a citizenship practice and ensuring an education based on principles.

Theories do not replace life experiences.
It is essential to stimulate social service awareness.
Wisdom is to recognize that unity exists in diversity.


Sidarta School is Sidarta's Institute Lab School. This means that, besides achieving the best academic results in both national and international exams, applying methodologies that prepare our students for life in our society are part of our challenges. How? By investing in a systematic development and coaching program for teachers, data analysis and research initiatives. Being a lab school enables us to transit between the academic and the scholar environment, assuring our principles are present in our strategies. Developing social skills with the same rigour as the intellectual and cognitive ones is one of our main investment points.

As Sidarta´s Institute Lab School we develop and implement innovative
methodologies to improve education in our country.


Based on our principles and intending to educate for life, new methodologies and innovative practices are used, having the following as premises:

Social Skills Development

Our focus is to provide students with an academic experience that can gather personal dreams and commitment to our society. Students are required to think critically about the world as well as about learning to act in a collaborative environment to attend to social demands.

The teaching of foreign languages as a bridge to respecting cultural diversity

Thinking about the need for teaching students to recognize unity in such a diverse world, we value different cultures so the individual can constitute his identity. Besides Portuguese, are mandatory in our curriculum Mandarin, English and Spanish, providing students with a broad mindset, as well as competences based on multiple ways of seeing and understanding reality.

Learning through life experiences

Our routine, based on experiences and challenges, makes it possible for students to apply their acquired knowledge into real life situations, broadening students’ repertoire, as well as offering favorable conditions for observation and reflection. Field trips and excursions develop critical thinking and a broadened view of the world, providing students with the exposure to different situations and ways of life, aiming at establishing meaningful connections and experiences.

Curiosity as a fuel for discovering

It is proven that the research process encourages, sharpens and evokes the innate curiosity in children. Our goal is to awaken students’ interest in scientific investigation throughout their school life, creating a research culture that focuses on the resolutions of not only local but also global problems, making science an active and meaningful part of community service.

Assessment methodologies for learning

Our evaluation systems are aimed towards the development of effective learning: flexible report cards, personalized retesting systems, students´ journal and planning for the trimester, combined with the option for different evaluation tools that make up some of the many resources used to promote knowledge building skills in our students.

Integrated school areas as part of the learning process

The architectural design of the school caters for the pedagogical needs of our students and physically depicts our principles. Thought to promote experiences in nature, different languages and the use of technology, the school aims at the adequate reception and creates adequate conditions for learning and developing different skills.

Knowing, observing, interacting, sharing experiences, listening, assisting, appreciating, questioning, inquiring, criticizing, producing and reflecting are the challenges and goals of our pedagogical practices.


We believe that everyone's access to high quality education is the path to a better world.

Founded in 1998, the Sidarta Institute is the result of the initiative of a group of business people which was based on the premise that the investment in culture and knowledge is a country’s cornerstone. We are a nonprofit organization created with the objective of changing the Brazilian scenario through research, projects and studies in education.

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